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  • Ashley Ellsworth

Addressing Eating Disorders in College: A Call for Support

By Ashley Ellsworth, ROSES Ambassador

College, a time of self-discovery, is marred by silent battles against eating disorders for many students. Emerging typically between ages 12-25, The Mayo Clinic describes eating disorders as a disruption of one's relationship with food and body. These disorders, affecting physical and mental health, according to the National Eating Disorder Association, plague up to 25% of college students, hindering academic performance and well-being. This alarming prevalence on campuses, is especially concerning because of the psychological toll due to eating disorders, leading to anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. The university counseling center is the point organization for all issues concerning mental health, including eating disorders. On their website, there is a page dedicated to eating disorders that includes resources and services. After reviewing the given resources, I was pleasantly surprised with what the counseling center offers. In addition to online resources, they provide treatment recommendations and support groups for those struggling. The only critique I have is the lack of resources outlining how to help someone struggling with an eating disorder. Many of the resources provided target those who are having disordered eating. However, many who struggle with this issue are not able to identify it and ask for help, evidence of disordered eating is more apparent to those around them. Eating disorders in college students are complex issues that demand attention, understanding, and action. By fostering a compassionate and supportive environment, we can empower students to overcome these challenges, pursue their academic goals, and lead fulfilling lives. Let us work together to break the stigma, raise awareness, and ensure that no college student suffers in silence.

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