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  • Jaya Bohlmann

Express - don't stress! Taking perfection and loneliness out of this Valentine's Day

Many of us woke up this Valentine's Day morning not feeling warm and fuzzy but anxious. Maybe we are afraid our Valentine won't like our box of candy or bouquet of flowers, or that they will think these are meager compared to our neighbors' trip to Paris.

Or, we might find ourselves without a special someone today, and we're anxious we might remain alone all year!

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, these are the top two stressors for Valentine's Day. These can affect how we see ourselves and others. What do we do?

1. Set realistic expectations. The details of your situation are real and valid. We all have budget, travel, childcare, and other considerations. Be transparent with your loved one and let them know what to expect. The point is to express your appreciation and love, and to connect.

2. Remember that this day is about all love, not just romantic love. Be with friends and family, indulge yourself in a self-care or luxury that makes you feel special, connected and loved.

3. Know your feelings. If you're having a difficult time emotionally today, reach out. You're not alone and help is available. for help tips.


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