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Not enough is being done to support college students with depression

By Daniella Piselli, ROSES Ambassador

College students have many stressors which can result in increased depression and anxiety. (Medium) Signs of depression are seen in almost all college students, yet not enough is being done to keep the depression from worsening or elevating to more intense levels. College students may be more inclined to be struggling with depression due to stress, poor sleep schedules, poor eating habits, and not exercising enough, says Healthline. Alcohol and drugs are often used to help offset some of those depressive feelings. Depression is often seen in the media as an after-effect. It is reported when the depression gets too bad or a college student does something to themselves or others because of their depression, such as suicide or drug use. The warning signs are also typically written about as well as the basic advice to seek help, but most students won’t do that on their own. Sometimes a good support system can go great lengths in helping someone struggling with depression, along with professional help. Family and friends may not understand why a college student may be feeling this way when college should be the greatest time of their lives, according to verywellmind. Taking into account the stresses of college may help with that. There are many misconceptions about depression and it is okay not to understand how depression presents itself in different ways. As a family member or friend of someone with depression, it is important to recognize the signs of depression to be able to help when needed. Three common symptoms of depression are fatigue, over or under-eating, and a depressed mood. The Mayoclinic says to urge the person to seek help once they realize they are showing signs of depression but to also simply talk to them and express your own willingness to help. Some resources to refer them to could be in the counseling center.

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